Sunday, 29 September 2013

**SOLD OUT** Hang on, Pardon?

I just got a message on my etsy that one of my polishes has sold moment just let that sink in for me. Sold...out...WOAH!! I set my shop up a week ago today and already 1 of my polishes has sold out! That's pretty staggering in any measure. I'm over the moon! So I would like to say thank you to all you lovely guys out there who have bought one of my polishes!

Not sure if anybody reads this so please post me a comment if you do :)


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Yeah, I Have No Self Control...

This morning I ordered some glitter for my final Christmas polish, I only needed 2 different ones, ten minuets later I have 6 glitters in my basket and I'm heading to the check out...whoops!! 
But it's okay as I set up a code for you lovely lot to get 20% off in my shop until Monday when you spend over £7! 

My little dream turned in to a little shop and my little shop is doing well!! Thank you for your support girls!!


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ideas, Please Form An Orderly Queue! Thank You!

  I have ideas just flooding my mind at the moment! From the first idea (kiwi) to the last (lemon and lime) the jellies collection took about 3 months. In the space of 2 mornings of mixing I came up 3 polishes from my Christmas collection with the last idea coming from a friend just a couple of days later. In just 2 days I mixed up my Top Effects collection and the only reason it not on my shop is that I'm a numpty and ran out of bottles! I now have new ideas for more glitter top coats and still have 3 releases to organize and take photos for!

So if all my ideas would like to form a nice orderly queue in order of brilliancy that would be just great!


Monday, 23 September 2013

Be Free My Pretty Polishes

So last night was very big for me as I opened my etsy shop! My release was meant to be on Monday but I got over excited about it all and so opened it as soon as I had created all my listings.

Here are the official pictures for the jellies taken in a lovely light box which my dad made for me.

 Strawberry Jellie

 Kiwi Jellie

 Blackcurrent Jellie

 Lemon and Lime Jellie

Blueberry Jellie

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Productive mess and bleeding glitter!

There is nothing better than a productive mess! So that is exactly what I did this morning! I was playing around with glitters, pigments and thermals! There will be a stunning thermal released once I have figured out the rest of the line so watch this space! 
Although the down side to this mornings mess makes was I found that some of my glitters bleed :( I'm heart broken!! For the people who don't know what that means, it is when the glitter loses it's colour once it has been placed in the polish base :( it can sometimes leave a lovely effect but other times ruin your polish :(. So my holo pink, red and purple shall be put in my gels kit to be used for nail art, not a total waste then :). 


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Glitter, bottles and more!!!

Nail Mail!!! I got very excited this morning when I got a box for over the sea! Suspension base and 2 glitters arrived at 7.40am (mum wasn't happy whoops) then later that morning more glitter, 24 bottles and my thermals all arrived!! I was in glitter over load!! It all came just as I was leaving to go to the stables and when I came home I have had to come straight to work :( no times to play!!! Will have to get up extra early in the morning! 
I am now just waiting on the glitter for 'My Hero!' and then all my outstanding orders will be here!! Exciting!!


Sunday, 1 September 2013

I'm Sorry Bank Balance!!

I have been on a bit of a frenzy over the last 2 weeks, I really should apologise to my poor bank balance! 
It was sparked by a bright idea for a thermal polish, but I could just buy 1 colour! Also there was a stunning chemo I just had to have (and have just red that chemo is in this season, I'm psychic!). Then there was the glitter, in colours I was missing so they had to be bought! Plus the holographic fuchsia which went lovely with silver and the red was just so sparkly!! Plus the glitter for the H4H polish as I had nothing suitable! 
I think I have a problem!! I'm trying to go cold turkey but not sure how it will last as I have just seen a black holographic which I HAVE TO HAVE!! 

Hello my name is Kim and I'm a glitter addict!!