Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Maybe Fate? Do You Believe

So I have never given fate and destiny much thought until about a year ago. Here is why I now do and the story of Belle and myself (not nail related today sorry) 

Last February I was meant to go live in Canada for 6/8 months with my brother, I had been saving for said adventure for about 5 years. One day I was sat about at the yard where I had a pony on loan (Whisper) at the time and my yard owner Becky turned to me and said 
"Kim do you want a horse" 
my replay "pardon?" 
"Do you want belle?" 
Now Belle is a ex race horse who was imported from Canada by a woman who had no interest in her (all together guys "awwhhh")  she had never been taught to be a normal riding horse and hadn't been ridden in about a year so needed a lot of work. I had never trained a horse before but from the moment I had been on that yard (about 5 months) I had been so drawn to her, I would watch in awe as she was lunged in the arena and everytime my mum came down to see Whisper I would point her out saying 
"That's Belle, isn't she just stunning!!" 

So the reason I was at yard was my old loan pony Oliver was getting ill due to old age so I was no longer riding him and on the 24th of October 2012 he was put to sleep at the grand age of 22! (Sleep tight my boy, never forgotten) So my best friend Lauren had got me to come try out Whisper on that yard. Now also on that day Belle lost her horsey friend Salam, both Salam and Belle were important by the same woman. 

Fast forward to February 22nd 2013 is when I was offered Belle by Becky. When I got home I rushed to the kitchen to tell my mum 
"MUM! You know Belle??"
With worry in her voice "yes?" 
"I've been offered her to buy!" I knew full well it would either be go to Canada or buy Belle so I spent the next few hours at work mulling it over in my head. I sent Becky a text requesting first refuseal of her and on Saturday morning (23rd) I ran straight up to Becky and said 
"I want her!" 
Her response "are you sure?" 

I spent the first week just lunging her, I was so nervous when it came to riding her 1 week later, but she was so good! She has come on so much in the 11 months I've had her and I'm so so proud of my girl! 

Now the fatey bit: 
- She was an extra in my favourite tv program Heart Land it's a Canadian show and she was in two episodes! 
- She lost a friend the same day which I lost mine!
- She was bred in the country where I was meant to go and live in!
- I've never been more drawn to a horse in my life! 

So maybe you will all think I'm slightly crazy now but truth be told Belle is the best thing that has ever happened to me! She could of well been a totally but job once her fitness improved but she isn't, she is the sweet horse I have ever had the pleasure to know! I keep getting told I should be really proud of her and myself for all we have done so far, and that Belle has really landed on her feet with me! 

Okay I feel like I have waffled on for long enough now, I have been wanting to write all of this out for while so finally got it done ;) and of course here are some pics of my girl!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ermm, so hi!

Its safe to say I've not really been around lately, my blog, Facebook page and instragram have all been seriously neglected! I apologise for this but in the lead up to Christmas I was working my socks off then a few days after I was in Canada for 2 weeks :) so sorry about that but..


Okay so here is that is going to happen, Saturday 1st feb these polishes will do live on my etsy...

A glitter top coat with - medium black, purple holo squares, fine black holo, fine hot pink glitter and cute little pink hearts! 

A hot pink polish, do I need to say any more? 

Purple base with medium pink and fine holo glitter, so much sparkle!!!

Also on Saturday I hope to launch my NI Polish Kits! I couldn't last week due to not having any 5ml bottles in stock (I know my bad) so they will hopefully be up to!  

More updates to come ;) 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

I Am An Indie!!

Let's face it, anybody can get some pigment, mixing it with some glitter, chuck it in some base and say "oooh look! I made a polish!" To make polish it takes more than that! You need to know what your customer want, what colours with go together! Yes you can chuck it in and hope for the best but it's the fine tuning of a polish that makes it just right and prefect! 
It's something you need passion for not something to picked up and dropped once you get bored, it takes dedication and the effort to push and promote your brand!
I get far too excited when I know I have glitter arriving soon, also the buzz I get from knowing my polishes will be shipped off and loved is great! I adore reading the feed back people give me, the good as you know people love your product but also the bad so you can see were you need to improve. 

Anyway enough waffling for one day ;) here is something I created to day in the half hour gap I had between jobs today! 

Hot pink holo? Yes please?! This is going in to testing on Sunday, with the view to be release in middle to late February. It will be along side a few other polishes which will be designed this weekend so watch out for previews on here. Sunday is going to be so busy this weekend! I have polishes to design, belle to muck out and ride, mix some polishes for my mum for presents, mixing polishes for my nails mail buddy annndddd I have Liam over too, guess I should maybe leave some time aside for him too lol!


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How Not To Make Nail Polish! How I Started!

Before I begin this is not a post where I will tell you how to make polish, I did months of research before I was able to make polish and I feel that if it is something you really want to do then you will put in the hard work before the fun starts! 

So many of you may have seen on YouTube and on google "how to make polishes" stating all you need is cheap clear nail polish and eye shadow! Now don't feel bad if you fell of this as I did to! I went the cheap make up shop and bought 2 top coats and a powder eyeshadow (I then wouldn't have to crush up an eyeshadow, genius I thought) I got home and mixed it altogether feeling like a scientist, I swatched it on my nails and loved the colours! 
I woke up next day to find a solid layer of eye shadow at the bottom of my bottle and the lovely cheap clear polish was clear once more! 
What all the videos and tutorials don't tell you is clear polish won't hold the pigment up! It is too thin and just let's is sink, same with glitter if you chuck some pretty glitter in to a clear polish is will sink, it may also bleed and curly (but that's a post for another day!) 

After my first creation failed me I was gutted but then thought there must be a way to do this for real that will work and not leave a mess! After that Nails Inspire Polish was born. 

I hope this helps somebody out there! I wish there was a post like this when I first saw "how to make nail polish"


Friday, 29 November 2013

Slightly Over Whelmed But Very Happy

So I went to my other fair on Thursday, I hoped to do better than I did as my last. I barely broke even last time and it really dishearten me. 
Well what a change it was last night!! I sold 15 bottles of polish!! Everybody was so lovely and load of people where amazing I was making the polish myself! The custom top coats where a big hit and I ended up with glitter everywhere whoops!
I had such a fab time! It makes me want to go out and do lots more fairs! 
I also met a lovely blogger, Sarah of My Mint Nails ( came to the fair just to see me :') which I was extremely touched by! I am not hoping to do a Christmas Flea Market week before Christmas if I can fit it in around work and belle.

Last night I was mixing polishes of my secret santa when I created this:

Quite possible the most perfect hot pink I have ever seen!! As usually I don't think the picture does the polish justice but that might be just me! I have a plan for this polish so watch this space ;) 


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

No More Nubs?

I have never had strong nails, ever! They have always been the bendy, peeling and breaking type! I used to have gels up on which did help but they would still break a lot :( but this is how my nails look currently....

Looking rather long (this is extremely long for my natural nails!) all expect my little finger :( I get very bad eczema on my hands and it seems to be effecting my nails on my little finger as above and my ring finger on my other hand. Due to the state of these two nails I don't swatch my own polishes which I'm gutted about! I love my swatcher they are lovely ladies but I would love to do my own :( oh well I can hope one I'll be able to! 
I just really hope they stay like this till Thursday! My last fair is then and I want to be able to show people the gradient effect of my thermals and you can't will nubs :( if the break it will have to be extensions :( 

My site is coming on nicely, my lovely Liam has sorted the shop and put all my polishes in and just finished my blog too!! So excited to put the link up once I have added my graphics and content!! 


Saturday, 23 November 2013

Very Cold Finger!!

Here I am again blogging at work -.- and I can't barely feel my fingers, how my poor iphone is picking up which letters I am hitting is beyhond me! 

My website is coming on nicely, I keep getting messages saying "this is your home page" "your nav bar" "I hate coding" "not sure how to code a shop" hehee love my guy! He's a star! 

I'm also thinking about glow polishes and more thermals. I keep longingly looking at my suppliers website and thinking which colours to buy next! It's really not helping being skint and Christmas coming up :/

Finally I would like you all to met Fraiser Danger Stephenson, my first nephew! It's my first time being an auntie and he is just so cute! Not sure about the middle name but that's my brother for you! 
I look forward to meeting you in January little man!