Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Note Books, Stands and Yet More Bubble Wrap!

I got very excited when I recieve my customized polish stand - 
The writing is in a lovely pink which you can't really tell from the picture :( but you should see the amount of bubble wrap I got with it! I don't think I'll ever need to buy any for packing again! The tape came off to easy and didn't reck any of the bubbles!! Very happy lady here!!

As some of you may well know I work in a pizza shop 5 nights a week. So when's it's quiet (early in the evening and later on) I have chance to get all sorts of work for my polishes done! So I have this - 
While I'm here I write ideas, costing, prices and stuff I need to buy in my little book! It's a great way to keep track of everything :) 

And finally for tonight I got my little funnels this morning so hopefull the kits will be in my shop next week! They will cost £14.99 and you will get:
- 2 x 10ml bottles with base with mixing balls
- 2 x 5ml bottles with base with mixing balls
- 1 x little funnel
- 4 x glitter 
- 4 x pigment

What colours do you want to see? Ransoms or shades? Let me know inspirers! :)


Friday, 25 October 2013

Release, gift wrap and a rosette!

Okay, firstly My Hero! is now I'm my shop! For each bottle which is sold £2 will do the Help For Hero's charity! The is a fab charity so please do show your support!!

I am thinking for putting a listing up for a gift wrap option in my esty. Normally when you receive one of polishes it comes wrapped in bottle wrap and the tissue paper with ribbon attaching the tag with the name of the polish. For an extra 50p you will get the above wrap but instead of the ribbon attaching the tag there will be a elastic beaded ring that matches the colour of the polish for you to wear alway as the little organza gift bag for it to go in. 
Here is an example on My Hero!

Will option should be in the shop over the weekend :)

And finally!
I enter Belle in to a photo competition on Facebook the class was called "my horse things he's a Pegasus" the rule was the horse was not aloud more that one foot on the floor so I enter this - 

Out of 60 other entires Belle came an extremely respectable 4Th!!!

Very proud of my girl!!

Bye inspirers! Keep dreaming!!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Sit and Breath!

Is it bad that my seemingly only sit down of the day is at my second job? Hmm...

Well today has been rather hectic to say the least! Working at the stables and sorting Belle, going home via the pub to book a tables for Sunday, mad dash home to pack an order and a prize, stop at the post office to send said packages and now sat at work blogging....can I go to bed now please? No? I have to work here till midnight? Urg great!! 

In brighter news I have booked Nails Inspire in for 2 Christmas fairs :D exciting stuff I know! 
Also the last Christmas polish has been mixed and bottled:

I'm leaving the colours secret untill it's release on the 1st of November ;) mean I know! 
Also I have my new bottles:

This means I can restock Touch of Pazaz in my etsy shop!! I love the new bottles, but what do you think?

Bye Inspirers, Keep Dreaming!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Another Day At The Office (Kitchen Table)

Some people have swanky offices, with spiny black leather chairs. Some people have a small posh wooden cabin in their back gardens (glorified sheds if you ask me) but do I? Nope!

I have been sat at my kitchen table working this morning. Washing machine spinning in the background, occasional being jumped on by one of our 6 cats, sharing the big pine table with my mum who is emailing about her next print run for her latest book (link below please take a look) and listening to some rather random music on my itunes. But I started Nails Inspire on this table and that's where it shall be staying for the time being!

This mornings work has consisted of a new limited edition polish, Fallen Leaves.

Fallen Leaves is a glitter topper with fine gold glitter and chunky red, garnet and rainbow shifting glitter! There is only 3 5ml bottles of this available in my shop and will be posted at 8pm tonight, get there quick as not to miss out!

Bye Inspires - Keep Dreaming!!

Today's Links -
Lost In A Book facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lost-in-a-Book/145249238859854?fref=ts
web site - http://www.anne-m-stephenson.com/
blog - http://annesbooks.blogspot.co.uk/

Friday, 18 October 2013

Nails Inspire Polish Kits!

Tonight I have been online shopping again, I know I really stop that but it's for items that are very much worth it!
I posted on my instragram yesterday about polish kits, were you would get a 5ml or 10ml polish bottle with base in it (depending on the kit for how many bottles,) a small funnel, pigment (choice of colours), glitter (again colour of your choice) and (easy to follow) instructions! So this evening I have ordered and small grip seal bags for the glitter and pigment plus the organza bags the kit will come in! Theses will be released in to the wilds of my shop as soon as I have all the components, as the funnels are coming from America it may take a week or two but as always I'll keep you posted! 

Bye Inspirers, keep dreaming xXx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

300 Followers, New Polish and a Video Which Made Me Think....

WOW! Whoa! OMG! (and other words of excitement) I have now reached 300 followers on Instagram! Slightly surreal and I'm so happy! I never thought my little polishes would get so far in such a short space of time!!

The Fire Works collection is now my shop! Pleas go check them out as they are super sparkly and would be fab for bonfire night! 

There is a vlogger on YouTube who I love! Her channel is iisuperwomanii and if you haven't seen any of her videos please go watch some, she is hilarious! But she posted a video the other day (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zhXPA35DUUw) which really made me think, (if you have watched it please go do so) 

Last year for me was crap, it was just awful! I was in a job I hated, it was dragging me down, I had a screaming match of a break up and a lost my amazing loan horse who I had been riding for 2 and a half years! 
But in January this year things picked up, the last straw at my old job went and I quit! 3 days later I had a new job with better pay, which meant when my current horse Belle was offered to me at the end of February I was in a position to buy her! I have been working with Belle for 7 months now and we are going from strength to strength and hopefully we will go competing next year! Finally I got my polishes on the market and on the 22nd of September my little shop went live! I have been over whelmed by people compliments and have meet some amazing ladies along the way!

What I am saying here is if you have a dream...no matter how big or small chase it! Never give up untill you achieve everything which you have set out todo! Your dreams won't come after you as they are scared you aren't ready for them, show them you are and go get them!!


P.S Belle wanted to show you all her present from HOYS - leather head collar with name plate ;)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fiz, Pop, BANG!

Although it is Halloween first I have decided to do a fire works collection instead, these will hopefully be in my esty shop on Sunday night! All of the polishes are a black base with different coloured glitter to add the some sparkle!

Here they is a bit more about them:

This polish has my favourite chunky green holo glitter in it mixed with a smaller teal holo and a fine aqua/teal glitter.

The pink has a lovely chunky bubblegum pink glitter, a smaller chrimson glitter and a fine hot pink holo glitter for a girly sparkle!

Here in the blue there is a chunky medium bluey/lilac, a vibrant blue squares and fine blue too.

  And last but by no means least there is red, there is chunky red holo dots, smaller garnet and red glitter too!

So what do you lovely lot think? Comment below :)


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Talk Glitter To Me...

Let's just get things straight, glitter is amazing! With all if the colours, sizes, shapes, mattes and so on the glitter combos you can create is mind boggling!
But what do you like? What glitter combos do you want to wear? That colours? Do you want a mixture of sizes and shades or random mixes? 
I fall in love with some of my glitter combos but that doesn't always mean that will be favourites with my lovely customers!

So what would you like to see? Tell my your favourite colour combos and what you want to see! 

Kim xXx

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Playing With Glitter - Totally Counts As Work!

So this afternoon after being at the stables all morning and taking one of the cats to the vets I actually managed to do some polish work! 
I am taking my polishes to Wilberfoss Playgroups shopping event :)
( https://www.facebook.com/events/187167878123281/ ) but rather than just selling my polishes I am giving buyers theopportunity to create their own glitter top coats by picking the glitters they want to use. So I made this up - 
It has each of my current glitters on it (more will be getting added when I get me latest order, Ekk) I will be rolling this option out to etsy too when I have a day to have a good go at it, maybe Thursday or Sunday :) but as always I'll keep you posted.

I also hope that my final pigment will arrive soon so that I can finish my Christmas collection and release them in to the wilds of UK indie fanatics!

I have now decided to put my self on a glitter ban, I will not allow myself to buy any more glitter for the foreseeable future as I just over excited and end up but more glitter than I need, whoops! Hopefull I'll sell lots of custom glitter polishses at the fair and in my etsy shop! 

Love you all! xXx