Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ermm, so hi!

Its safe to say I've not really been around lately, my blog, Facebook page and instragram have all been seriously neglected! I apologise for this but in the lead up to Christmas I was working my socks off then a few days after I was in Canada for 2 weeks :) so sorry about that but..


Okay so here is that is going to happen, Saturday 1st feb these polishes will do live on my etsy...

A glitter top coat with - medium black, purple holo squares, fine black holo, fine hot pink glitter and cute little pink hearts! 

A hot pink polish, do I need to say any more? 

Purple base with medium pink and fine holo glitter, so much sparkle!!!

Also on Saturday I hope to launch my NI Polish Kits! I couldn't last week due to not having any 5ml bottles in stock (I know my bad) so they will hopefully be up to!  

More updates to come ;) 

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  1. Welcome back Kim hunny you have been missed ......can't wait to see these lovelies on your etsy xxxxxx