Thursday, 5 December 2013

I Am An Indie!!

Let's face it, anybody can get some pigment, mixing it with some glitter, chuck it in some base and say "oooh look! I made a polish!" To make polish it takes more than that! You need to know what your customer want, what colours with go together! Yes you can chuck it in and hope for the best but it's the fine tuning of a polish that makes it just right and prefect! 
It's something you need passion for not something to picked up and dropped once you get bored, it takes dedication and the effort to push and promote your brand!
I get far too excited when I know I have glitter arriving soon, also the buzz I get from knowing my polishes will be shipped off and loved is great! I adore reading the feed back people give me, the good as you know people love your product but also the bad so you can see were you need to improve. 

Anyway enough waffling for one day ;) here is something I created to day in the half hour gap I had between jobs today! 

Hot pink holo? Yes please?! This is going in to testing on Sunday, with the view to be release in middle to late February. It will be along side a few other polishes which will be designed this weekend so watch out for previews on here. Sunday is going to be so busy this weekend! I have polishes to design, belle to muck out and ride, mix some polishes for my mum for presents, mixing polishes for my nails mail buddy annndddd I have Liam over too, guess I should maybe leave some time aside for him too lol!



  1. its okay, i will just sit and watch you work. no need to make time for me

  2. Oh Kim that is absolutely gorgeous ...put me down for one once you release your polishes hunny ...please leave some time for Liam xxxx