Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How Not To Make Nail Polish! How I Started!

Before I begin this is not a post where I will tell you how to make polish, I did months of research before I was able to make polish and I feel that if it is something you really want to do then you will put in the hard work before the fun starts! 

So many of you may have seen on YouTube and on google "how to make polishes" stating all you need is cheap clear nail polish and eye shadow! Now don't feel bad if you fell of this as I did to! I went the cheap make up shop and bought 2 top coats and a powder eyeshadow (I then wouldn't have to crush up an eyeshadow, genius I thought) I got home and mixed it altogether feeling like a scientist, I swatched it on my nails and loved the colours! 
I woke up next day to find a solid layer of eye shadow at the bottom of my bottle and the lovely cheap clear polish was clear once more! 
What all the videos and tutorials don't tell you is clear polish won't hold the pigment up! It is too thin and just let's is sink, same with glitter if you chuck some pretty glitter in to a clear polish is will sink, it may also bleed and curly (but that's a post for another day!) 

After my first creation failed me I was gutted but then thought there must be a way to do this for real that will work and not leave a mess! After that Nails Inspire Polish was born. 

I hope this helps somebody out there! I wish there was a post like this when I first saw "how to make nail polish"


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