Tuesday, 26 November 2013

No More Nubs?

I have never had strong nails, ever! They have always been the bendy, peeling and breaking type! I used to have gels up on which did help but they would still break a lot :( but this is how my nails look currently....

Looking rather long (this is extremely long for my natural nails!) all expect my little finger :( I get very bad eczema on my hands and it seems to be effecting my nails on my little finger as above and my ring finger on my other hand. Due to the state of these two nails I don't swatch my own polishes which I'm gutted about! I love my swatcher they are lovely ladies but I would love to do my own :( oh well I can hope one I'll be able to! 
I just really hope they stay like this till Thursday! My last fair is then and I want to be able to show people the gradient effect of my thermals and you can't will nubs :( if the break it will have to be extensions :( 

My site is coming on nicely, my lovely Liam has sorted the shop and put all my polishes in and just finished my blog too!! So excited to put the link up once I have added my graphics and content!! 



  1. If you can get some Nail Envy cheap on Amazon and use it daily you will be able to grow your nails much longer. mine never used to grow longer than yours are now, but thanks to Nail Envy I now have about 3mm of tip length on all nails, and I can have them squared off without breaking too. I couldn't live without it now : D xx

  2. the website is done.. it will be up as soon as Kim finds the time to write some content and send me her graphics, oh and after i have taught her how to use it of course